Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen


Buchungen für jegliche unserer Aktivitäten werden entweder online oder durch einen unserer Agenten akzeptiert.


Stornierungen werden lediglich  in geschriebener Form (per e-mail oder Fax) akzeptiert.

Bis 22 Tage vor Datum der Aktivität: 2,5% Stornogebühr.
Von 22 bis 7 Tage vor Datum der Aktivität: 50% Stornogebühr.
Weniger als 7 Tage vor Datum der Aktivität wird als „Nicht-Erscheinen“ gewertet und es gibt keine Rückerstattung

Alteration of program:

We will complete the arranged program, but reserve the right to make any necessary changes. Any alteration will not affect the price, provided the alteration does not lead to a complete change of content of the arranged program. Alterations to plans my be necessary on account of adverse weather conditions. The safety of participants is given priority at all times.


Participants themselves must decide whether they are, or are not, mentally and physically suited for the demands expected of them on whatever program they join. Age must be given when making a reservation. A participant is duty-bound to follow instructions given by the leader of the tour. Failure to comply eliminates any claim for compensation. We can not be held economically liable for accidents or injury. Liability is also disclaimed by the company for delays or extra costs incurred outside our control. The price of a set program can be changed on account of unexpected increases in transport costs, or other outside services contracted by us. The company reserves the right to cancel program at any time up until date of departure, whereby a participant is entitled only to a refund of the sum already paid. Svalbard Villmarkssenter has provided a guarantee to the Governor for expenses in connection with any rescue operations on Svalbard. On tours that include overnight stay, one or more, every individual participant have to have their private travel insurance.

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