6 Day Dog Sledding Expedition on Svalbard

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure through a unique wilderness.


Experience Svalbard on the best way possible.

Every participant is an equal, everyone helps share the load, from planning the route, making food, pitching the tent and handling the dogs.

The first night will be spent at the kennels in Lodge. The next day after breakfast, our adventure begins

No previous experience driving dogs is necessary; our dogs have experience and know their work.

The guide teaches you what you need to know!
However, it is important if the participants have some experience on outdoor activities. It is necessary that all participants are in good physical health conditions.

On uphill parts of the journey, it is necessary to take frequent breaks, as well as to help the dogs up the hill.
The journey will take us through valleys and over glaciers.


We spend the nights in a large tent with good sleeping bags on reindeer hides, while the dogs keep looking out for polar bears.
Our guides are both competent and adequately experienced in the conditions on Svalbard. They are equipped with weapons, emergency beacon, flare gun cal.4, flares, first aid kit, etc.

The weather can vary during the day, and with respect to the safety of our guests, we reserve the right to make any necessary changes to our trip without this affecting the cost.

The minimum age for this expedition is 16 years.

NOK 25.000, – per person


6 day dogsledding expeditions


NOK 25 000, – per person. all meals are included in the price





Cancellation received up to 22 days before departure: 97,5% refund.
For cancellation received 21 – 8 days prior to the activity: 50% refund.
7 to 0 day prior to the activity/’no show’: no refund.


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